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Why Me?

Why me?  Is a part of our outreach for mothers Dealing with and Coping with the loss of a child.


  So many women silently deal with the grief of losing a child or keep the abuse a secret. Many never seek counseling, and therefore the anger, denial, guilt, isolation, and depression, slip in.

         We are a listening ear, a sounding board, and a place of healing and we have an array of resources readily available when you are ready to take the next steps.

          Programs focused on this group are: 


        1.    Accepting the loss/Accepting the reality- First step in acknowledging this actually happened or is happening.

        2.    Adapting Without – Dealing with the fact you must continue in life

        3.    Honoring our Angels/Finding yourself 

        4.    Mending- Coping with the pain of it all, and learning how to channel the                                   emotional rollercoaster thoughts

We Need Your Support Today!


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