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Women Programs


Queens In Training

o   We aRe HER encourages girls to love themselves first.  We help build character and leadership skills that create thinkers that know how to engage in conflict resolution and peer mediation, while building confidence and self-esteem.

o   We believe the mind and body must be in synch, so we encourage regular physical activity, nutritional and healthy eating, stress management, and understanding positive body image.  We aRe HER has a targeted effort that addresses the young ladies' mental and physical issues in a comprehensive and interactive way.

o   Our economic literacy introduces the young ladies to basic economic, and financial concepts, including money management, investments, and global economics. 

Body Central - This program is designed for young girls that are entering puberty and are discovering major changes. The girls learn about personal hygiene, they deal with health and fitness, talk about sexuality and mental stability. 





Entrepreneurship - This program covers financial and economic literacy, checking and savings accounts, learning how to invest and how to start and run a business. Debunking common money myths, and understanding the language of money.



Stem Ahead - This program is geared towards assisting young ladies decide on which direction they want to go in Life, creating their Journey Map, finding out what it takes to function in the real world.

Me & My Mentor Cooking Series - This program is designed for the inner Chef for every little girl. It allows them to feel like the next Top Chef, while learning the do’s and don’ts of culinary. You and your child can sign up and be some part of this amazing program, each session has a real life Chef were they can learn some tricks and hacks from the pro’s. 


Health & Fitness - We enrolled our girls in J-Fit Training Boot Camp with Joanna James and Sheila A. Lewis to learn about a healthier fit lifestyle, healthy food choices, and the overall healthier you!  So proud of these ladies for accepting the challenge and to their Mentors and parents for joining them and showing support. To join our team or for further information please call us at 1.800.609.6411, if you would like to sponsor a young lady by providing healthy choice snacks, fruit, water or Gatorade you can do so by clicking the link and showing your support at