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Through It All Ministries


Through it All Ministries

o   Our outreach services that help ladies who are trying to leave or have left a Domestic Violence encounter, by providing immediate shelter, food and clothing. Collaborating with other non-profits to assist in aiding the ladies and their children. Advocating, teaching and speaking on Domestic Violence, to educate women on the early signs and how to protect themselves.

o   Feminine Hygiene Drive, allowing us to provide toiletries and female essentials for low income and underserved communities.

o   Toys for tots- Collecting toys for ages 1-10 and phone accessories, socks, perfume or electronic items for ages 11-17 for families in need.

o   Pamper Me for a Day initiative provides facials, massages and manicures for ladies who have hit a rough patch and need a little tender Love and Care and an opportunity to relax.

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