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Our Founder

We are Her - Words (Transparent)    8-10

Being a female African American, I have learned that not all of us are made the same. Each of us has our own identity, and purpose, but sometimes are afraid to step out or step up. We aRe Her, a Leadership Academy for women both young and old was created with this thinking in mind. In my experience, I know that all females want is someone to believe in them, to know their worth, to push or stand behind them, and to value them. There is such a need to have positive female role models, leading from the front. After being demeaned and ridiculed as a little girl for wanting to do better, and then surviving two domestic violence marriages, I found myself in the same category as so many other women, in a sunken place. Losing my son to murder just took me for a spin and I thought nothing good could come from me. I looked in the mirror one day and said that if God allowed me to survive all of this, there must be something he wants me to do. Tell your story kept ringing in my head, use what you got, kept popping up out of nowhere.


I finally got it, I could use all of my experiences and create an organization that encompasses all of my hurt, and yet give life to others. Since We aRe Her has been birthed, I share my story with hundred's of young girls and women, who now have a relatable person who has been where they are, whether it's a little girl who needs to be mentored and taught to adjust her crown occasionally or the young women who are living with the enemy and need to escape the domestic violence, or the young mother who doesn't understand why she had a miscarriage or child died of SIDS or car accident or even murdered.


Experience is often the best teacher, how can you truly help me unless you understand my pain and know the agony of self-guilt. I founded We aRe Her to cover every stage of HER life, and we not only share our story, but we give you tangible items that help ease the pain just a little bit more. The New Journey luggage for our Domestic Violence program has helped women have a sense of security after leaving with nothing. Our Why Me? comfort boxes for our grieving mothers, have given them hope and understanding that they are not alone. Every Her has a story, someone is waiting to hear yours, come share your story and help heal another HER! 


" You must first learn how to be a servant in order to serve" - Latasha Cummings

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