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Our Founder

We are Her - Words (Transparent)    8-10

As an African American woman, I have come to realize that each of us possesses a unique identity and purpose, but often fear taking the necessary steps forward. With this notion in mind, We aRe Her was established as a Leadership Academy catering to women of all ages. Through personal experiences, I have discovered that all women yearn for someone who believes in them, recognizes their worth, supports and encourages them, and truly values their contributions. The importance of positive female role models leading by example cannot be overstated.

Having faced demeaning treatment as a young girl and enduring two domestic violence marriages, I found myself in a place of despair, much like countless other women. The devastating loss of my son to murder further shook me, and I questioned my ability to bring anything good into the world. However, I looked at myself in the mirror one day and realized that if I had survived all those trials, there must be a purpose that God intended for me. The phrases "Tell your story" and "Use what you got" echoed persistently in my mind.

Finally, it became clear to me that I could utilize my own experiences to establish an organization that not only addressed my personal pain but also gave life and hope to others. Since the inception of We aRe Her, I have shared my story with hundreds of young girls and women, becoming a relatable figure who has walked in their shoes. Whether it's mentoring a young girl and reminding her to adjust her crown, providing support for a woman trapped in a domestic violence situation, or offering solace to a grieving mother who has experienced the loss of a child due to various circumstances, my aim is to cover every stage of HER life.

Experience is often the most profound teacher, as understanding someone's pain and the burden of self-guilt is essential in offering genuine help. The creation of We aRe Her not only allows us to share our stories but also provides tangible items that offer some measure of comfort and healing. Our Domestic Violence program, symbolized by the New Journey luggage, grants women a sense of security as they rebuild their lives from scratch. The Why Me? comfort boxes for grieving mothers instill hope and remind them that they are not alone in their pain. Every Her has a unique story, and there is someone eagerly waiting to hear yours. By sharing your story, you can contribute to the healing journey of another HER.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that true service begins by learning how to be a servant. At We aRe Her, we are committed to serving others and creating a supportive community.


Join us and help make a difference. - Latasha Cummings

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